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Digital Consultancy

Consultancy is the key to successful project delivery. By understanding end-user needs and functional and technical requirements a more targeted website solution can be created. Digital Brand Creative workshops are designed to provide this knowledge base and include the following sessions.

  • User requirements workshop
  • Design and content workshop
  • Functional specification workshop
  • Technical specification workshop

User requirements workshop

The user requirements workshop is focused around creating a set of user data that can then be used to then map website requirements, functionality to define technical requirements.

Design and content workshop

The design and content workshop is focused around mapping the content required within the website and also the design and direction.

Functional specification workshop

The workshop is focused around creating a set of functional requirements that can be used to define features for the website. These features are intended to best serve the user requirements of the personas data gathered in the user requirements workshop.

Technical specification workshop

The technical specification workshop is focused on defining the technical and system requirements for the project. This data is then used to create a technical specification document . The document defines the implementation of features outlined in the functional requirements workshop.